Hi there!  I’m so happy you stopped by— I’m Kristin, creator of The Clean Life Mama Blog, a mom of two boys, and a lover of all things health and wellness.  I became interested in exercise and nutrition when I was very young (14, actually),  and immediately pursued a group exercise certification and started researching and experimenting with healthy eating.  Fast forward 20-something years and my passion has turned into a career.  I am a Whole 30 Certified Coach, CrossFit Affiliate Owner/Coach, Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer.  I’m excited to share my ideas, experiences, knowledge and passion for health living with YOU!

10 things about me:

1.  I’m a small-town girl, born and raised in Cornelius, North Carolina.  

2.  My husband, Mike, and I are both passionate about health and fitness (we actually met in a gym!) When we were married in 2005, we created a bucket list that included opening our own gym one day.  We checked that off the list in 2012 when we opened CrossFit Cornelius.  We also recently opened another boutique fitness studio: C2 FHIT, a HIIT training program.

3.  I’m a Boy Mom.  Mike and I have two sons: Rush and Jett.  Their names are symbolic of their premature arrivals to the world.  Rush was born 14 weeks early and Jett came 5 weeks early.  Both are happy, healthy and very active!  

4.  I was a teacher for many (11, I think) years.  I taught both elementary and high school.  My favorite grades to teach were 3rd and 12th.  I loved 3rd grade because the kiddos are still sweet at that age and learn big things like multiplication and cursive writing.  Senior year won my heart because I got to be part of my students’ “time of your life” era as they were transitioning into young adults.

5.  I did my first Whole 30 in 2010 and had great results, but nothing overly exciting to report. It wasn’t until 2012 when I had my oldest son complete a Whole 30 in an attempt to eliminate unexplained skin problems that I was “sold” on the concept and knew I had to share it with others.  

6.  Our first home was a 900 square foot “fixer upper” (wayyy before Chip and Joanna came on the scene.) We lived like we were camping for the first six months as we demo’d, painted, rewired, rebuilt… all things construction related (and we are not naturally handy people.)  It’s a miracle that our marriage survived that first year.  Looking back I realize just how much it taught us to work as a team… which has paid off greatly as business partners and parents.  

7.  I may single handedly be keeping Tessemae’s in business.  There are not enough words for how much I love their Creamy Ranch Dressing!

8.  I love fashion (even though it’s probably not evident to those who interact with me daily and see me in only workout clothes). Rummaging through racks to find the perfect outfit is one of my favorite things to do.  I’m not impressed by brand names or current styles— I think the best looks are “collected.”  

9.  I lived in Sydney, Australia in my early 20’s.  I studied abroad my senior year of college then worked in a gym where I taught group exercise classes and had a few personal training clients.  It was just like The Real World.  I lived with four other Americans, two guys and two girls; and if I could travel back in time to any point in my life THIS would be it.  

10.  I believe in balance.  It’s unrealistic to live perfectly all the time.  Life is short so eat the cake when it’s worth it to you (but not when you’re on a Whole 30 😉)